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The demand and support have been amazing, thank you to everyone. We are now offering all the colors available for pre-order. Please allow up to 3 weeks for domestic shipping via priority mail on all Works Custom Kits. We also ship international, please contact us if you are purchasing outside the US for a shipping quote.

Let's have some fun! We're constantly innovating and trying new recipes. We've done all the "Home Work" for the performance, now it's time to make it your own. Introducing The Works Custom Pork Belly Xtreme LCG Kit! Giving our customers a chance to cook up a build just how we do things ourselves. The most complete custom and unique RC LCG Chassis Kit offering . Bringing yet another whole new experience.

Your Works Custom Kit will include:

  • Premium Cut PBX Chassis Rails, CNC Milled Polymer

  • Bacon Battery Double Tray Kit for Servo on Axle

  • Egg Roller Bumper

  • XTREME Belly Rub Sliders

  • Skid: 3 Gear, 2low wide, NEW DLUX PORTAL 10.5 DEGREES!

  • Body Mounts

  • Chassis spacers, screws and washers

The Chassis

This is absolutely something special crafted by R himself. The Premium Cut, CNC edge milled polymer in a unique dual color rail. This offering based on our most recent edition of the Pork Belly Xtreme Chassis. Shown here in E's favorite color way of black and yellow, S with his tan and brown. Made in a design and styling that's makes it one of the most unique chassis available. Created in very limited quantities.


  • 10.5 degrees of skid angle

  • Portal clearance

  • shock mounting positions

  • Multiple linkage mounting positions

  • Chassis Suspension Technology, tuned to maximize traction and articulation

  • Increased durability

  • Made of hybrid polymer plastic
    Impact resistant
    Wear resistant
    Energy absorbing
    Vibration reduction

The Parts

We've designed and produced the parts that complete this performance LCG kit, 3d printed in PLA pro material:

  • Roller Bumper: 67mm long, recessed ends for bearings and fits on standard M3x70mm standoffs.

  • Skid: NOW AVAILABLE FOR THE DLUX PORTAL TRANS WITH 10 DEGREES OF KICK, SCX 3 Gear or 2low transmission, includes M3x45mm screws for the 3 gear and M3x50mm screws for the 2low skid.

  • Bacon Battery Tray Kit: Comes with 7mm servo spacers and a wedge spacer for vanquish servo mounts.

  • Belly Rub Sliders: Low profile and tapered for side clearance.

  • Body Mounts

The Hardware

Includes the following:

  • Screws

  • Washers

  • 70mm chassis spacers

Recommended Build:

This chassis will work many different axle types. Our Porkstar Team has so far used Vanquish Pro axles and Capra axles with no issues, but so far, our favorite has been Capra axles. We also build this from 12.8 to 13" for 1.9 tires. Stay tuned for more information or visit us on our Facebook group page: RES Crawler Concepts.


Now for something super exciting for us. Lance at Hardcore RC has been kind enough to add the links for the PBX on their site. One of our very own Porkstar Team members was kind enough to work with us and Lance to get the option worked out for our customers. Available for purchase from their site: