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Pork Belly LCG

Glow (Budget) Bug/Capra Axles - RES Concepts Driver/Builder: Eric Aguon 2021

Glow Bug Setup Sheet
In the pursuit to value build a capable rig that could be easily replicated and information shared with our community, we developed the Budget Build.  Some of you may have seen this at Proline By The Fire, Glow Bug.  Built on our Pork Belly Chassis Kit w/Links and adding the battery tray kit, it's a scratch build with the budget of $700 complete, focusing on good basics and set up on Capra based axles.  For the initial test, we used the Holmes Hobbies Snubnose Revolver paired with a Mamba Micro X Crawler Edition.  The build it actually intended to use the Hobbywing 1080 ESC and Crawlmaster Sport 13t which actually found its way into the "Bawler Build" which has also evolved, but more on that later.  For now, if you're interested in the setup sheet, we've included a link below.  If you have any questions, feel free send us a message on Facebook or email us: 

Knights Ferry

Visiting Knights Ferry and first time bringing the Budget Bug doing some incredible climbs.  One of our favorite locations to test with the help of the local group. Thank you to the Knights Ferry Crawlers (KFC) for the hospitality and showing us the lines, having a great time!

Bean Hollow

At "Devils Crack" showing a few different lines with the body off to show how the chassis conforms to the terrain allowing for increased stability and traction.  We add line 1 and 2 just before the crack along with the hardline entering midway from the bottom able to handle incredible steepness.  

Bawler/Capra Axles - RES Concepts Driver/Builder: Eric Aguon 2021


Testing at the rock beach in South San Francisco testing on lines really meant for MOA, we look for the limit of what this build can do.  Really surprised us the day we were out, not so much hooking the peak in the video but right before when the rear drops on the shelf with amazing stability.  

Bean Hollow

At "Devils Crack" running up the line.  Known for it's steepness and side-hilling challenge, it has become one of our standard test lines for capability on our builds and popular with the local crawling groups.  A line where we tuned the chassis suspension and developed our battery tray for increased forward bias centered low between the rails.